I quit McAfee

Por Jose Luis Romero 20 mayo 2009 09:22

Last monday, May 18, I decided to quit McAfee. I've been working there for about two years, and now it's over.

Working at McAfee have been a great experience. My position there was Partner Product Manager (PPM) and the coverage was North LTAM (Colombia, Central America, Caribbean and México). Some of my duties were: guidance to our Partners in the implementation of the XML communication platform for provisioning users, managing the training to the call center agents of our ISPs, creating the PRDs (Partner Requirements Documents) for creating a customized build of the McAfee product for our Partners and several other tasks of the Product Management role targeted to our Partners. I had the oportunity to meet a lot of valuable and smart people there: Dave DeWalt, Phil San Diego, Todd Gebhart, Craig Morgan, James Schmidt, Martin Pivetta, Minoru Yoneoka, Pedro Haworth, Katrina Warburton, Pedro Gutierrez, Guillermo Gasparini and a very long listing... good co-workers, wonderful friends, great exchange of ideas, a lot of histaminaW. In sum: an unforgettable experience... Big time!

Travelling was a major part of my work. I had the oportunity to travel several times to Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Santa Clara, Half Moon Bay, Las Vegas, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Awesome experience because of the cultural exchange that I was able to face on that many trips.

But wait a minute: if everything was so fine there, then why the heck are you quitting?     Mas...

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